[Syracuse] Home

I was born and raised in Syracuse. Even though I don’t live there now, it will always be considered one of my homes.

Syracuse is in Upstate New York. To give you perspective on how upstate it is, it takes just over two hours to get to Canada (Kingston, ON) and just over four to get to New York City.

Syracuse is most commonly known for the college university (SU), SU’s basketball team, and really long, cold and snowy winters. Personally, I love the first two things, but not a huge fan of the last.

Despite having a reputation for being snowy, there are other seasons in Syracuse! Fall is an absolutely beautiful time to visit. The summer humidity hasn’t kicked in yet, and the bitterness of the winter is behind us.

The above photo is from one of my favorite places in Syracuse, Green Lakes State Park. The park has a trail that goes around the perimeter of two lakes. The trial is flat, mostly shaded, and truly amazing views the whole way around.

This is definitely one of many posts to come on Syracuse, I try and visit frequently and hope to share some of the places you may not have yet heard about in the area!

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