[Hilton Head] First time!

Recently I went to Hilton Head for the first time (for vacation) and it was amazing! Not only was I in great company (with my mom), but I truly loved the area. Having been to several beaches on both the East and West coast, I wasn’t sure how Hilton Head would compare. Overall, I’d highly recommend the area, and would go back any day.

There’s so much to share  – the food, beaches, accommodations, transportation, getting there and lots more. But let’s focus on travel logistics before diving into the good stuff!

Getting there

If you are within driving distance – that’s always the best! I was coming from the West coast, so I had to book some flights. There are so many different combinations on airports you can fly through.

Savannah (GA) is the closest airport – and where I chose to fly in and out of. The airport is really small, charming, easy to get around, and about 45 minutes from Hilton Head. All flights both arriving and departing were on-time, and there were short lines to get through security.

If you don’t want to fly into Savannah, you could also explore flying into Atlanta (GA), Charlotte (NC), Charleston (SC) or Jacksonville (FL), but you’ll still need to drive between 2.5 – 4 hours to get to Hilton Head.

Regardless of where you fly into, you’ll also need to rent a car. A lot of getting around the island could be done on bike, but it makes most sense to have a car too.

Getting around the island

There are a few ways to get around the island, most popular is car or bike. There are bike paths throughout the whole island, so you could theoretically bike everywhere. In general though, you will probably just bike within your plantation (what neighborhoods are called in Hilton Head). In most places you can bike 1-3 miles and be at the beach, a super market, or a place to grab ice cream!

Getting around the rest of the island, outside your plantation, is best done in the car. Also, if you have a car, you could take a day trip to Savannah or the nearby outlet mall.


There are a few hotels around the island, but condos are much more prevalent. We booked a condo through VRBO and had a great experience! The rental was exactly as described, and in a great location – Palmetto Dunes. When we were looking, AirBnb also had a large amount of places available.

Where to stay

Hilton Head is broken up into plantations – which is synonymous for neighborhoods. We stayed in Palmetto Dunes and it was absolutely perfect! It had a scenic, really quiet beach, grocery stores, shopping and tons of restaurants.

Outside of Palmetto Dunes we also visited the communities of Sea Pines and Forest Beach. I didn’t spend enough time in either to give solid recommendations for/against, but they both seemed nice! Sea Pines appeared a bit more secluded and residential, while Forest Beach had more people bustling around and possibly more people visiting. Do you have any favorite places to stay in Hilton Head?

Will post again soon to dive into some of the fun stuff we did on our trip!

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